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Auction Fees  
Vessel Repair RFPs
Salvage Vessel Auctions
Public Auctions
Optional Auction Setup Fee
No Insertion Fees for Requesters !
No Bidder's Fees at All !
All Fees Quoted are in US Dollars
  Category Requesters Fees Bidders Fees
Insertion Transaction Nothing
1. Vessel Repair RFPs FREE 5% of lowest bid1 FREE
2. Salvage Vessel Auctions FREE 8% of highest bid2 FREE
3. Public Auctions FREE 8% of winning bid3 FREE

Auction Setup Fees


Our auction setup forms are user friendly and we suggest that you setup your own auctions. If you prefer that, Inc. setup the auction for you, we offer 3 alternative setup packages.

1.)  Full On-site Vessel Survey including Photos and Auction Setup - Quote Required

2.)  Full On-site Photo Service and Auction Setup using your survey - Quote Required

3.)  Auction Setup Only using your survey and photos

a.)  Salvage & Forward Auctions - $200.00 Auction Setup Fee + $2.00 per photo

b.)  RFP Auctions - $100.00 Main Page Setup + $5.00 per Repair Item + $2.00 per photo

Notes: 1.  5% of the lowest bid regardless if the Requester selects a higher bid or rejects all bids. If all bids are rejected, the amount is still due for the auction service but the same amount will be credited towards the requester's next auction. Only one additional RFP Auction will be allowed for the fee adjustment.

2.  8% of the highest bid for Salvage Vessel Auctions -  FREE Bidder's Escrow Service

3.  8% of the winning bid for Public Boat Auctions FREE Bidder's Escrow Service ! 

Please Note: Our Pricing and "Reject All Bids" policy may change at anytime. Please check this page for the latest Pricing and Reject All Bids policy.

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